Msc. Mathematics (pure mathematics)

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The general objective of the programme is to train professional mathematicians capable of promoting the teaching, research, application and outreach of mathematics in Uganda and beyond.

 The specific objectives of the programme are to

(a) provide skills for high quality research and teaching in the field of mathematics

(b) produce a critical mass of persons with a solid mathematical base that they can use to popularize and meet the challenges of mathematical applications to the industry and society.

(c) prepare graduates for a PhD in mathematics.

 Tuition fees

 Ugandans                     UgShs. 3,525,000 per year

International students     UgShs. 6,262,000 per year

Admission Requirements

 Admission will be open to applicants from all countries.

 The main requirement is that the person to be admitted should posses any of the following

            (a)A mathematics major in Bachelor of Science, Science Education, of at least a good second class division from a recognized university.

  1. (b)Any other programme with sufficient undergraduate mathematics.
  2. (c)Engineering, Statistics, Economics (with mathematics minor) of a good second class division shall also be considered.


  1. 4.Examination

Each course in the programme will have a written examination of three hours duration. Examinations will be done at the end of every semester. There will also be continuous assessment, coursework (CW), throughout the course in form of take home assignments, group model formulation and analysis, tests, practical sessions. At the end of the course, pass mark will be obtained by combining the examination mark and coursework mark.

  1. (a)Course Assessments: Each course is assessed on the basis of 100 total marks. Coursework will contribute 40% to the final mark and the final examination will contribute 60%.
  1. (b)Pass Mark. The Pass mark for all courses in the programme will be at 60%, (CW + final examination) with the Pass Grade Point per Course being 3.0.
  1. (c)Dissertation: Each student must work on a dissertation, with a topic approved through the university systems. External examination of the dissertation shall be mandatory. Participation into the departmental seminar series programme shall be mandatory for students on this programme. The student will be assigned a supervisor to assist the student during proposal writing, research, dissertation development and writing.


  1. (d)Award

I) A Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics of Makerere University shall be awarded to a Candidate who has passed all the courses in the first and second semesters (accumulated 24 CU from the 8 courses). To qualify for the Degree of Master of Science in Mathematics, a Candidate has to do the third and fourth semesters to attain another 12 CU from the research related courses/dissertation.

II) A Master of Science in Mathematics degree of Makerere University (MSc Math) shall be awarded to a Candidate who has accumulated 36 CU of which 28 CU are for courses passed and 8CU are for the dissertation.


  1. 5.Curriculum

The normal duration of this programme will be 2 years full-time spread over 4 semesters.


Structure of the Programme

The Master of Science in Mathematics degree will comprise of four semesters of study. The programme will consist of 36 credit units (CU) spread over the four semesters, including a dissertation. The nature of the programme is such that the student takes four courses of 3 CU each in Semester I and II. In semester three, the student will do one course. The Computational and Research Methods course will equip the student with computer skills and research skills. The student will be able to develop a research proposal. In the last semester, the student will continue to do research and produce a dissertation for both internal and external examination. It is during this semester that a student will be required to give a series of seminars on his/her work. The duration of each semester should be 17 weeks (i.e. one week of registration, 15 weeks for teaching and one week for examinations). One course unit shall be equivalent to one contact hour per week per semester. Two hours of tutorial, practical or fieldwork should be equivalent to one contact hour.

SEMESTER I                                                                         

Core Courses

MTC 7101 Group Theory (3CU)           

MTM 7101 Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (3CU)

MTM 7103 Measure and Probability (4CU)

MTC 7104 General Topology (3CU)               

SEMESTER II                                                                        

 Core Courses

MTC 7201 Advanced Rings and Modules (3CU)

MTM 7202 Stochastic Calculus (3CU)  

MTM 7201 Numerical Methods for PDEs (4CU)

MTM 7203 Applied Functional Analysis (3CU)


SEMESTER III                                                                      

Core Courses

MTM 7301 Computational and Research Methods (2CU)

 SEMESTER IV          

 MTM 7401        Seminar Series  (2CU)

MTM 7402        Dissertation (8CU)