PhD in Mathematics

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The prospective student must first discuss with proposed supervisor(s). The PhD is by thesis only. Applicants should normally have a rich Master's degree in mathematics from a recognised university. A research concept (synopsis) of 3-5pages should accompany the application. The synopsis will be the basis for provisional admission (one year) during which time the candidate will develop a comprehensive Ph.D proposal. The graduation load is 66CUs. Each student will have a Doctoral Committee to guide the student throughout the programme. The Doctoral Committee is additionally to the supervisors.
PhD studies are in the following areas (and related areas):

Biomathematics/Mathematical Epidemiology
Ecological Modelling
Insurance Mathematics
Financial Mathematics
Dynamical Systems
Numerical Analysis

Ph.D Codes, Course name and CUs

Semester I
ART9105  Scholarly writing and communication skills (3)
PMTH9101  Proposal writing (5)
PMTH9102  Seminar I (Literature Review) (4)

Semester II
PMTH9201  Progressive Report I (4)
PMTH9202  Seminar II (Method development) (4)
PMTH9203  Progressive Report II (4)

Semester III
PMTH9301  Seminar III (4)
PMTH9302  Seminar IV (4)
PMTH9303  Progressive Report III (4)

Semester IV
PMTH9401  Seminar V (4)
PMTH9402  Seminar VI (4)
PMTH9403  Progressive Report IV (4)

Semester V
PMTH9501  Seminar VII (4)
PCNS9502  Draft thesis write-up (5)

Semester VI
PMTH9601  Seminar VIII (4)
PCNS9602  Final Thesis write-up (5)