About Us

The Department of Mathematics is responsible for the teaching and research in Mathematics throughout the University. It offers courses for the BSc/BSc Education majoring or minoring in Mathematics, Bachelor of Statistics, BSc Quantitative Economics, BSc Engineering and BSc Geology. The graduate programme consists of two Masters: one in Applied Mathematics called Master of Science in Mathematical Modelling (MSc. MM) and the other in Pure Mathematics called Master of Science in Mathematics (MSc. Math). The Department has two modes of training at PhD level. The first mode is by research only lasting for a minimum of three years. The second mode takes a minimum of four years; it has a component of coursework which lasts for two years. Our staff do research in broad areas of Mathematics, and therefore can supervise students up to PhD level in them. These areas include: Algebra and Number Theory; Analysis, Operator Theory and Topology; Insurance and Financial Mathematics; Mathematical Modeling; Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing and Optimisation; and Statistical Modeling.

Mathematics trains a student to become a problem solver. Every single employer wishes to have an employee who is a problem solver. As such, a mathematician can become many things. Among them are:  a teacher, lecturer, computer programmer, banker, epidemiologist, actuary, stock broker, research scientist and financial director. With a first degree in Mathematics, one can pursue a master’s degree in other disciplines such as Computer Science, Engineering and Statistics.

The Department works closely with the Uganda Mathematical Society, UMS in promoting mathematical competence at all levels of education, and promoting its use in public life. One of the major activities done by UMS is to organize annual Mathematics contests from which they eventually select a group of six students who represent the country in the International Mathematics Olympiad.

As a department we are proud that we have international collaborations that give us leverage in teaching Mathematics. We collaborate with many universities of international repute such as: Cambridge University, Oxford University, Stockholm University, Uppsala University, Linkoping University, Maladaren University, Glasgow University, University of Bath, Lappeenranta University, etc.