About Us

The Department of Mathematics is responsible for the teaching and research in Mathematics throughout the University. It offers courses for the BSc/BSc Education majoring or minoring in Mathematics, Bachelor of Statistics and BSc Quantitative Economics, B Pharmacy, B Library and Information Science. The graduate programme consits of two Masters: one in Applied Mathematics called Master of Science in Mathematical Modelling (MScMM) and another in Pure Mathematics called Master of Science in Mathematics (MScMath). The Department has produced many PhD degrees in Mathematics specialising in Mathematical Epidemiology. Others are in Insurance Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, Dynamical Systems and chaos. A prospective PhD candidate must get in touch with a potential supervisor before he/she is enrolled onto the PhD.


The Department does research in various disciplines of Mathematics, for example, Biomathematics, Abstract Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Mathematics of Insurance & Finance, Numerical Analysis and Optimization. 

The Department works closely with the Uganda Mathematical Society in promoting mathematical competence at all levels of education, and promoting its use in public life.

Our Mission: To provide first class teaching, learning and research in Mathematics and leadership in the national effort to uplift the use of Mathematics in Uganda.

Strategic directions for the department for the next five years are:

  • To transform teaching, learning and research through the use and application of Information and communications Technology.

  • To develop and deliver programmes that impact the formal and informal education systems in such away as to improve the Mathematical skills and general awareness of the use of Mathematics in daily life.

  • To develop programmes that provide skills for Mathematical Modelling and research to support the business and industrial sectors.

  • To forge closer links with industry, agriculture and commerce.

  • To support schools and colleges in curriculum and human resource development.

  • To consolidate existing research efforts and cultivate links with other disciplines.

  • To take Mathematics to the people via Uganda Mathematical Society.