Bachelor of Science (Mathematics Minor)

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This minor started with the first year students of 2010/2011 academic year. The current second and third years will continue with the old minor programme.


To qualify for a Minor in Mathematics, a student must pass all the core courses and earn a minimum of 30 CUs in Mathematics courses and 6CUs from the cross-cutting core courses. The list of electives offered in a particular year depends on the staff available and is therefore subject to change.

Students are free to take extra courses in Mathematics to make up their degree programme requirements but should not normally exceed 36 CUs in Mathematics. Note that all the mathematics courses after First Year are electives. Students should plan to satisfy the pre-requisite requirements for any course that they choose, e.g. to be allowed to choose MTH2202 Complex Analysis in Second Year, Semester IV, a student must have chosen MTH2101 Real Analysis in Second Year, Semester III.


Semester I

              Communication Skills

              Semester III:

              Development Studies


Semester I

              Core Courses

              MTH1101 Calculus I

              MTH1102 Linear Algebra I

              MTH1103 Foundations of Mathematics

Semester II

              Core Courses

              MTH1201 Calculus II

              MTH1202 Elements of Probability and Statistics

              MTH1204 Calculus III

Semester III

              Electives (choose and pass at least 1)  

              MTH2101 Real Analysis I

              MTH2102 Probability Theory

              MTH2103 Differential Equations I

              MTH2104 Linear Algebra II

Semester IV                                                             

              Electives (choose and pass at least 1)  

              MTH2201 Group theory

              MTH2202 Complex Analysis

              MTH2203 Numerical Analysis I

              MTH2205 Linear Programming
              PHY1211 Classical Mechanics I (those whose second subject is not Physics)

Semester V

              Electives (choose and pass at least 1)  

              MTH3102 Numerical Analysis II

              MTH3104 Dynamical Systems

              MTH3107 Rings and Modules

              MTH3105 Discrete Mathematics

              MTH3106 Stochastic Processes

              MTH3109 Statistical Inference I

              MTH3110 General Topology

              MTH3111 History of Mathematics

              MTH3112 Mathematical Logic

              MTH3113 Introduction to Financial Mathematics

Semester VI

              Electives (choose and pass at least 1)  

              MTH3201 Real Analysis II

              MTH3202 Differential Equations II

              MTH3206 Advanced Statistics

              MTH3210 Graph Theory

              MTH3214 Number Theory

              MTH3215 Algebraic Topology

              MTH3216 Biomathematics

              MTH3217 Life Insurance Mathematics
              PHY2211 Classical Mechanics II (those whose second subject is not Physics)