PhD in Mathematics

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The PhD programme provides advanced training at international level for math-ematicians who are interested in the fundamental ideas of Mathematics. It pro-vides training for those who intend to apply Mathematics in industry, teaching and scientific research.  This training is done without losing sight of the impor-tance of fundamental mathematical concepts that are widely used in applications. Indeed, Mathematics is increasingly being used in economics, finance, insurance, environmental studies, climate changes and health sciences among other areas.

The prospective student must first discuss with proposed supervisor(s). The PhD is by thesis only. Applicants should normally have a rich Master's degree in mathematics from a recognised university. A research concept (synopsis) of 3-5pages should accompany the application. The synopsis will be the basis for provisional admission (one year) during which time the candidate will develop a comprehensive Ph.D proposal. The graduation load is 66CUs. Each student will have a Doctoral Committee to guide the student throughout the programme. The Doctoral Committee is additionally to the supervisors.

Objectives of the Programme

The overall goal of this PhD programme is to provide the region with graduates having a strong and broad background in Mathematics as well as increasing the use of Mathematics in the private and public sectors in the region, and in multidis-ciplinary research conducted at Makerere University and in the region.

The specific objectives of the programme are:

• To provide skills for high quality research and teaching in the field of Mathematics and its applications.

• To raise a critical mass of mathematicians at PhD level in Uganda and the region.

• To increase the use of Mathematics in industry and society.

• To enhance efforts of researchers in Mathematics and its applications and draw them towards interdisciplinary research.

To promote the existing collaboration in Mathematics research and teaching between universities in the region (in particular, Eastern Afri-ca), and Swedish universities by 2020 and beyond.
PhD studies are in the following areas (and related areas):

Biomathematics/Mathematical Epidemiology
Ecological Modelling
Insurance Mathematics
Financial Mathematics
Dynamical Systems
Numerical Analysis

Ph.D Codes, Course name and CUs

Semester I
ART9105  Scholarly writing and communication skills (3)
PMTH9101  Proposal writing (5)
PMTH9102  Seminar I (Literature Review) (4)

Semester II
PMTH9201  Progressive Report I (4)
PMTH9202  Seminar II (Method development) (4)
PMTH9203  Progressive Report II (4)

Semester III
PMTH9301  Seminar III (4)
PMTH9302  Seminar IV (4)
PMTH9303  Progressive Report III (4)

Semester IV
PMTH9401  Seminar V (4)
PMTH9402  Seminar VI (4)
PMTH9403  Progressive Report IV (4)

Semester V
PMTH9501  Seminar VII (4)
PCNS9502  Draft thesis write-up (5)

Semester VI
PMTH9601  Seminar VIII (4)
PCNS9602  Final Thesis write-up (5)