The Norhed II supported project 2021-2026, is announcing a total of five PhD scholarships for PhD students to conduct their studies at Makerere University. Three of the five scholarships will be offered in the area of Applied Mathematics and two in Mathematics Education. The training of the five PhD students will take place at Makerere University with possible short supervision visits to the University of Bergen or University of Dar es salaam depending on the supervision needs for a particular PhD student. We invite interested candidates to apply for the said PhD scholarships. The PhD training is expected to commence in October 2021 and will be supported for a period of four years on full-time basis. Applicants who are already admitted at Makerere University and still in their first year of PhD studies in the project’s areas of focus will also be considered. The training is preferably by coursework and dissertation on the existing PhD curricula in Mathematics and Mathematics Education at Makerere University. Some Makerere, Regional, Norwegian and University of Dar es Salaam staff will be involved in the teaching and supervision of the PhD students.

Download attachment for details on eligibility.