Mary Nanfuka Successful Defends PhD

Congratulations are in order for Ms.Mary Nanfuka who successfully defended her PhD, her thesis was entitled: "The use of Splines for solving ill-posed problems, with application to the Cauchy problems for the Heat and Helmholtz equations". She presented to a committee chaired by :Assoc.Prof.Michael Owor the incumbent Dean School of Physical Sciences(CoNAS), Assoc. Prof. Juma Kasozi Dept of Maths, Assoc.Prof.JM Mango Dept of Maths. Dr. Godwin Kakuba Dept of Maths, Dr. Hassan Damba Dept of Maths Dr.Mahad Ddamulira Dept of Maths, Dr. Onesfole Kurama Dept of Maths. Dr. Ismail Mirumbe Dept of Maths.

The opponent was Dr Fredrik Berntsson a Senior Lecturer, and Docent, at Linköping University. At the university he teaches Scientific Computing and Advanced Linear Algebra courses. His research is primarily in the fields of Numerical Simulation and Inverse problems.

Abstract attached.